The goal of this training program


The main objective of the Vascular Biology Training Program is to develop the next generation of cardiovascular biologists. The program places a strong emphasis on creativity, networking and self-motivation to develop independent scientists who will make significant contributions to biomedical research and be an asset to the institutions and communities they serve.

To achieve these goals we have developed a strong mentorship approach, novel didactic components and incorporated high exposure to medicine. UCLA houses a tremendous resource of interdisciplinary groups whose research focuses in vascular biology. The group includes 27 laboratories that currently offer training to 124 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. It is this community that constitutes the pillars of a unique training program for the next generation of investigators in this area of research.

The Program is funded by a grant from the NHLBI that supports pre- and post-doctoral trainees for three and two years respectively. The program also features a highly interactive seminar series with outside speakers and several seminar venues for discussion of science by trainees and UCLA investigators. We invite you to drive through the website and get to learn more about our program and recent accomplishments.


Reza Ardehali, Ph.D.
Director, Vascular Biology Training Program